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To take a tri­vial exam­ple, which of us ever under­ta­kes labo­rio­us phy­si­cal exer­ci­se, except to obta­in some advan­ta­ge from it? But who has any right to find fault with a man who cho­oses to enjoy a ple­asu­re that has no annoy­ing con­se­qu­en­ces, or one who avo­ids a pain that pro­du­ces no resul­tant ple­asu­re? On the other hand, we deno­un­ce with righ­te­ous indi­gna­tion and disli­ke men who are so begu­iled and demo­ra­li­zed by the charms of ple­asu­re of the moment, so blin­ded by desi­re, that they can­not fore­see

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